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Capture moments of gratitude through visuals 📸

Cultivate the habit of gratitude journaling easier with a visual focus

how VSJO works

If you’re new to gratitude journaling, start small. Start first by recording moments through photos 📸


Don't worry about writing at first. Start by taking a photo instead, and add a short caption if you want.

Record your moments

Record and track each day with moments of gratitude, and go back to them anytime.

Get prompts

If you're still not sure where to start, feel free to use our prompts to guide you.

And more!

Look out for more cool things to help you get started with gratitude journaling.

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Our belief

our belief.

There's always something to be grateful for, including the little things.

Anyone can write. But sometimes we struggle to. We don't always have to force it out; writing isn't the only form of expression. When we think about journaling, we think about writing. How do we start then? Enter VSJO, where we make it dead-simple and easier to do gratitude journaling. Focus on capturing moments with photos instead.

Record your gratitude now

VSJO is currently in open beta. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to reach out.

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